TWICE’s Jihyo surprises netizens with her recent appearance captured live in a concert in North America

TWICE recently thrilled audiences with their 5th world tour, delivering captivating performances in North America.

Among the mesmerizing atmosphere, it was Jihyo who effortlessly stole the spotlight with her irresistible beauty.

The final North American concert of TWICE was held on July 9 at Truist Park in Atlanta, where despite the rain, thousands of fans gathered to witness the members’ remarkable performance.

It was Jihyo who truly stood out, leaving the audience in awe with her stunning appearance on stage.

Photos of Jihyo from the concert quickly spread across social media, causing a sensation and garnering admiration for her charm and presence.

Here are some comments from Korean netizens:

“She looks so glamorous, and her tan skin adds to her charm.”

“She’s incredibly pretty. Unnie, please take me.”

“Jihyo!!! What is this? Her back muscles are amazing… Her tan looks so natural…”

“She’s a real hot girl.”

“She’s so beautiful.”

“I love her healthy-looking beauty.”

“She must work out diligently.”

“Wow, look at those muscles.”

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