Netizens notice that NewJeans’ Hyein seems to have changed her makeup style in their recent comeback for “Super Shy”

Netizens have observed a noticeable change in NewJeans Hyein‘s makeup style during their recent comeback.

On July 15th KST, a netizen posted on a popular online community forum titled, “NEWJEANS HYEIN WHO GAVE UP ON HER PREVIOUS HAIR AND MAKEUP,” sharing several photos of Hyein from her appearance in the comeback for “Super Shy.”

Hyein‘s makeup style appeared different from what many netizens were accustomed to, leading to divided opinions about her new look.

Take a look at Hyein‘s photos below! 

Some comments from netizens include:

“Her arched eyebrows looked much better. That makeup suited her, but now she doesn’t look anything special. Hyein’s eyes, eyebrows, and lips are so captivating, so why would they give her the same styling as everyone else? It just doesn’t match her.”

“She was more charming with the arched eyebrows, but she looks really pretty with straight eyebrows.”

“I believe Hyein and Haerin can pull off any styling. Everyone has had their worst styling moments, but these two always manage to look fresh and pull it off.”

“They did a great job changing her styling. I was taken aback by how pretty she looked in this picture.”

“She has a beautiful and trendy look… Ever since I heard people saying that Hyein suits the visual role the best, I’ve been fascinated by her beauty. There’s definitely a reason why people say that.”

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