NMIXX’s Haewon stirs up debate with an old photo: “Has she undergone double eyelid surgery?”

An article has recently emerged, causing a stir about Haewon, a member of the K-pop group NMIXX, allegedly undergoing double eyelid surgery.

The discussion started on July 14th when a post titled “Oh Haewon from NMIXX had double-eyelid surgery??” appeared on the popular Korean forum Pann Nate.

The post’s author included a photo from Haewon’s 2018 graduation yearbook, emphasizing the difference in her appearance and stating, “In a picture from five years ago, she looked like someone else“.

This sparked significant interest, with the article garnering over 80,000 views and eliciting a variety of opinions. While the response was mixed, many agreed that Haewon has always been beautiful.

Korean netizens shared their thoughts on the matter:

“It seems like she had surgery on her eyes and nose. However, her monolid eyes in the graduation photo appear more delicate and beautiful. Currently, her face shape and eyes look rounder, and her nose is more pointed. Her natural look suits her and enhances her beauty. It’s a bit disappointing that she had to rely on camera tricks to enhance her appearance.”

“Even back then, she was naturally pretty.”

“But she was beautiful in the past too, so…”

“She looks more charming in the picture.”

“She’s beautiful, talented in singing, fun, and she used to be a good student. Oh Haewon, fighting!”

“Her head is still big.”

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