Jang Wonyoung’s undisclosed arm injury resurfaces in old photos, igniting netizens’ worries

Netizens have expressed their concerns regarding old photos of IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung‘s injured arm, sparking a wave of reactions from fans and online users.

Reports have emerged revealing that Jang Wonyoung sustained a significant arm injury while filming the music video for IVE‘s “I AM.

The MV director disclosed that the injury was severe enough to require two consecutive trips to the emergency room, where she received seven stitches.

Despite her condition, Jang Wonyoung persisted and continued participating in the shoot. Fans and netizens were taken aback by IVE‘s alleged attempt to conceal Jang Wonyoung‘s injury.

The anger intensified when images surfaced, depicting Jang Wonyoung wearing band-aids on her left arm near the elbow during promotional activities for “I AM.”

In response to the media reports and online forums, netizens expressed their thoughts through various comments:

“Please take care of these idols.”

“I can’t believe she had to go to the ER while still on set…”

“It must have been extremely painful.”

“She didn’t even express her desire to take a break.”

“Although these photos may not reveal much, she had to be immediately transferred to the ER, indicating that the injury was quite serious. I don’t understand why some people continue to criticize her.”

“I can’t believe the company tried to hide this!”

“The visible scar from her bruise is heartbreaking.”

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