“She’s like a cute dumpling” — BLACKPINK Jennie’s airport fashion has netizens squealing over her cuteness

Netizens are adoring BLACKPINK‘s Jennie as she heads to Paris

BLACKPINK, an immensely popular K-pop group known worldwide, continues to captivate its fans with their music, unique style, and personal charisma.

Among the group’s members, Jennie Kim has not only impressed with her exceptional talent but also garnered attention for her undeniable beauty.

In a recent development, netizens have taken to various social media platforms to express their admiration for Jennie as she made her way to Incheon International Airport before embarking on a trip to Paris.

Drawing a comparison to a cute dumpling, fans couldn’t help but express their excitement over the appearance of the K-pop sensation at the airport.

Enthusiastic fans and netizens flooded the comment section with their thoughts, saying:

“Oh my, she looks incredibly cute!”

“She’s unbelievably beautiful!”

“She’s reminiscent of her adorable dumpling days.”

“Even as she ages, Jennie’s puffy cheeks remain incredibly cute.”

“She’s gone back to being like a mandoo (dumpling).”

“Her one-piece dress is absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely going to become popular again.”

“She looks incredibly lovely.”

“She manages to be both cute and beautiful at the same time.”

“Her cheeks are so plump and cute.”

“Her sneakers look amazing.”

“I wish I could poke her cheeks.”

“She looks absolutely flawless.”

“The dumpling has made a comeback.”

“She’s incredibly adorable today.”

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