Jessi Responds to Allegations About Her “Trying Hard To Look Dark-skinned” In Recent Interview

“The Internet wins every time.”

Jessi, a soloist and rapper in K-pop, was recently a guest on the show Fun With Dumb, which is hosted by the rapper and actor Dumbfoundead, who lives in Los Angeles.

During their talk, Jessi was honest about a lot of “controversial” things, like celebrities falling into her direct message (DM) or how she deals with mean comments on social media.

Jessi is often praised as one of the “baddest” singers in K-Pop because of how carefree and bold she is, but she has also been criticized.

In recent years, one of the things that people have said about the rapper is that she does “Blackfishing.”

Wanna Thompson, a journalist, came up with the word “blackfishing” in 2018. It means when a non-Black person tries to present themselves as racially ambiguous (usually as Black) to make money off of it.

“Blackfishing is a type of blackface, which is dressed up as a person of African descent…Blackfishing is when someone who is not Black takes advantage of racial issues to make money off of Blackness. — Today’s Medical News

Jessi has been accused of “Blackfishing” for many reasons, such as imitating the way black people talk (called “Blaccent”) and using the name of an African American gang in one of her songs.

But the thing about “Blackfishing” that gets her the most hate is the color of her skin. Jessi‘s skin is much darker than that of a typical K-Pop star, and she wears it with pride.

But there have been times when people said she looked much darker than her natural color, as if she was trying to change her look on purpose to make it look like she was Black.

In the Fun With Dumb podcast, the singer of “Nunu Nana” talked about how she takes abuse and how she deals with it.

She said that she is taking things slowly right now to figure out her life and that her feelings about such comments have changed a lot over the past few years.

Jessi said that in 2022, she spent a lot of time in the sun, so her face got tanned on its own. But people thought she was trying to look black and sent her hateful messages online. “Everyone was saying, ‘You were trying to be dark-skinned,'” Jessi remembered people saying.

But now that she isn’t out in the sun and has lost all of her tan, she is accused of trying to be “white.” The rapper was angry and said, “I’m like, what the hell do you want?”

Even though the negativity isn’t new, Jessi has changed the way she deals with it. She figured out that most of these comments were from young people and that when she replied to them, the accounts would go away.

But she never fought back in a violent way. Instead, Jessi said that she used to argue against these things with reason.

“You can’t hurt them, but you have to say something they can’t respond to.”Jessi

But as of late, she no longer feels the need to answer at all. It seems like a “waste of time” to Jessi now that she is slowly trying to re-evaluate her life and start a new stage in her career with her new label, MORE VISION.

She said that this much-needed break hasn’t made a huge difference in her life, but it has helped her see that “The Internet always wins.” So it’s like, “No matter what I do, I can’t win.”

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