“My heart is aching…” Jeon Somi Opens Up About the Trauma of Bullying

Jeon Somi, a popular singer, recently opened up about her experience with bullying during her school years, revealing emotional details that left her in tears.

On July 13th, a video titled “Boosting Channel Views! | Song Yoon Ah by PDC [Ep.20 Artist Jeon Somi]” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “by PDC,” shedding light on Jeon Somi’s past.

In the video, Jeon Somi shared the story of how she developed a close friendship with Song Yoon Ah through her father, actor Matthew Douma, who appeared alongside actor Seol Kyung-gu in the same movie.

Seven years ago, Jeon Somi gained widespread popularity as a member of the project girl group I.O.I.

During that time, she was recognized as the “National Center” and received an abundance of love and support.

Reflecting on her journey, Jeon Somi expressed her desire for success, stating, “I really wanted to be number one. As a biracial individual, I believed that even if I became an entertainer, I wouldn’t be recognized as a ‘national’ figure. That’s why I felt immense happiness when I became the ‘National Center’ after our debut. It was a moment of joy to attain the title ‘National.'”

Opening up about her personal experiences, Jeon Somi revealed that she faced bullying during her elementary school days due to her multicultural background.

She shared, “I transferred to a Korean elementary school where my classmates saw a multicultural child for the first time. Initially, they treated me affectionately, comparing me to a doll. It was a sudden surge of popularity.”

Jeon Somi continued, “The day after I transferred, it was time for the class president election, and someone told me to ‘go outside.’ Unaware of the implications, I followed the instructions and ended up becoming the class president with an overwhelming number of votes.”

Recalling the aftermath, she said, “When the girl who had prepared a speech saw me, she looked furious and developed a strong dislike towards me. She became the center of a group that isolated me. From the 3rd grade until the first semester of the 6th grade, I endured bullying.”

Jeon Somi bravely shared the distressing details, saying, “They only played with me when they felt like it. The next day, they would move my desk to a different location and tear up my reading cards. They even put trash in the pocket of my indoor shoes. The situation continued to worsen.”

She revealed that she resorted to writing a diary during that time, pouring her honest thoughts onto its pages and conveying her concerns to her teacher.

Recalling those moments, she expressed gratitude for her teacher’s support, saying, “Every time I confided in my teacher and shared my worries, they would listen attentively and provide guidance. However, I felt there was no solution.”

Jeon Somi revealed the emotional toll the bullying took on her, explaining, “I simply lived day by day. I reached a point where I told my mother that I didn’t want to go to school and asked her to make me look more Korean through plastic surgery.”

She added, “I thought it might help, but discussing it only brought more pain. I was deeply upset at the time. It was an incredibly difficult period for me.”

Tearfully, Jeon Somi reflected on the painful memories. From the 2nd semester of the 6th grade, she took it upon herself to change her circumstances.

Fortunately, she did not graduate as a victim of bullying. However, witnessing Jeon Somi‘s tearful recollection of that time evoked a sense of empathy and compassion for her experience.



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