Alleged cousin of FIFTY FIFTY member challenges Dispatch claims, expresses support for girl group

A purported relative of a member from the girl group FIFTY FIFTY has come forward to defend the group against a recent report by Dispatch.

Dispatch recently published an article regarding an ongoing conflict involving FIFTY FIFTY, Ahn Sung Il, the CEO of The Givers, and Jeon Hong Joon, the CEO of ATTRAKT.

In response, the alleged cousin of a FIFTY FIFTY member shared their perspective on Instagram. In an Instagram story, the individual identified as ‘A‘ disclosed, “I want to reveal the truth because many of my friends are concerned about my older cousin. I can no longer contain my frustration.”

A‘ refuted the allegations made in Dispatch‘s report and stated, “ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon has never treated the members kindly and has shown no regard for my sister’s health condition. His claims of selling his car, watch, and using his mother’s money are all false. He has never sold anything to support the group.”

The alleged cousin further expressed that FIFTY FIFTY had valid reasons for taking legal action to terminate their contract with ATTRAKT and criticized the media for presenting a biased perspective.

A‘ wrote, “There are legitimate grounds for their lawsuit, and the situation they are facing is not trivial. I trust my sister and our family, and I am patiently waiting to see how this unfolds. The reason the media is biased is because the CEO is spending money to generate positive articles. I urge you not to believe these strange articles. I have read many of them, and none of them are accurate. The world is more corrupt than I had imagined. There is a lot of discussion on YouTube and other platforms, but the CEO is not someone deserving of support.”

A‘ concluded with gratitude towards their concerned friends, stating, “I want to thank my friends who have asked about the situation. It is impossible to change the media’s narrative, and it is challenging to alter the beliefs of those who have fallen for the lies. If you are curious, please ask me instead of relying on the articles. There is much I cannot disclose, but I can clarify what falsehoods are being spread.”

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