“She’s in a lot of pain!” BLACKPINK’s Jennie Addresses “low energy dance performance”, Reveals Personal Struggles in BBC Podcast Appearance

In a recent episode of the BBC podcast hosted by British pop star Dua Lipa, released on July 14th, Jennie from the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK directly responded to criticism from some fans who claimed that her dancing was sloppy.

During the podcast, Jennie candidly discussed the issue, acknowledging the concerns raised by fans. She revealed, “I kept getting injured during performances. It was a stressful experience.”

The idol further elaborated, sharing her perspective, “‘Okay, let’s start,’ and then I would fall and fall again. It seemed like I wasn’t doing my best, which disappointed the fans.”

Jennie‘s explanation shed light on the challenges she faced while performing, highlighting the toll it took on her both physically and mentally. “I want to say that I didn’t know how to control my body. Since the pandemic, I have been learning to take care of myself,” she admitted.

The BLACKPINK member expressed her desire to be transparent with her fans, emphasizing her personal growth and self-discovery during this learning phase.

Aside from addressing her dancing skills, Jennie also discussed her difficulties with wearing high heels during performances. “Some people can dance well even in heels, but my feet don’t fit well. When my feet swelled from moving around, wearing heels and dancing would drain my stamina,” she revealed.

In an effort to mitigate these challenges, Jennie shared that she has recently opted for footwear such as boots with ankle support or low-heeled shoes.

The BBC, reporting on Jennie‘s podcast appearance, acknowledged the significance of her response to the criticism.

They noted, “It is unusual for Jennie to acknowledge the criticism that she dances sloppily. In the high standards and tightly controlled world of K-pop, this recognition is exceptional.”

In addition to discussing her dancing skills, Jennie touched upon her desire to promote aspects of Korean culture.

When asked about the topic, she expressed her focus on the music industry’s work ethics, stating, “What I want to talk about regarding the music industry is our pursuit of work ethics. Everything related to our profession and how we spent six years as trainees.”

Her response highlighted her dedication to her craft and the values she believes are crucial in the industry.

Jennie‘s appearance on the BBC podcast provided fans with valuable insights into her personal struggles and growth as an artist.

By addressing the criticism head-on, she demonstrated her commitment to transparency and her ongoing journey of self-improvement.



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