Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and 2PM’s Junho cause a stir with dating rumors – netizens question their compatibility

The online community engaged in a lively discussion about who is considered “out of the other’s league” between two popular idols, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and 2PM‘s Junho.

After news of YoonA and Junho‘s alleged dating scandal surfaced, the pair being co-stars in the drama ‘King The Land‘, netizens deliberated on who they believe is the more superior partner in the relationship.

Various comments from netizens were as follows:

“YoonA is on a completely different level compared to anyone she dates.”

“It’s not about who is more out of the other’s league. The fact that both YoonA and Junho, who belong to the second generation of idols, have successfully transitioned into acting is impressive.”

“I hope YoonA ends up with someone perfect. She herself is flawless. Since her debut, she has consistently been at the top.”

“YoonA is definitely way out of Junho’s league. He didn’t have a significant presence in 2PM, and his looks aren’t exceptional either.”

“Without a doubt, YoonA is too good for him.”

It is worth noting that both JYP and SM Entertainment have denied the dating rumors surrounding these two stars.



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