“It seems intentional” — Netizens analyze Jini’s strategic moves during NMIXX comebacks, raising suspicions of ulterior motives

Netizens are raising questions about Jini, a former member of NMIXX, and her recent behavior, prompting speculation about her motives.

Discussions on an online forum revolved around Jini‘s noticeable presence during NMIXX‘s comebacks.

Netizens pointed out that she opened her Instagram account around the time of NMIXX‘s most recent comeback, followed by the opening of her official Twitter account and her first Instagram live session, coinciding with NMIXX‘s upcoming comeback.

While the original poster acknowledged the possibility of overthinking the situation, other commenters agreed that it seemed deliberate.

Several upvoted comments reflected mixed reactions:

“Regardless of who sees it, it seems intentional.”

“Does it even matter now that she’s left the group?”

“Just let her be, seriously.”

“I believe she was forced out of the group against her will. I wonder why she left.”

“She left for unjustifiable reasons, and that’s why she appears so confident, perhaps trying to prove a point.”

“It’s quite amusing how she went live right after NMIXX unveiled their pre-release song, discussing trivial topics and telling fans to have dinner… she didn’t have much to say, just small talk.”

“Let’s not pay any more attention. She never even explained why she left the group and acted as if she would never be involved in the entertainment industry again. Now suddenly, she’s seeking attention and leaving a negative impression on the team.”

“I wonder what she plans to do now, since she’s uploading dance practice videos and such. Oh, the amount of money JYP invested in her…”

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