Super Junior’s Heechul Playfully Addresses Drunken Livestream Scandal in “Salon Drip” Interview

Super Junior‘s Heechul addresses his past controversy in a livestream discussion.

During his appearance on TEO‘s variety content series “Salon Drip,” Super Junior‘s Heechul shared his thoughts on his previous drunken livestream controversy.

The topic arose when Heechul discussed his dietary choices, specifically cutting out carbohydrates to manage his weight. MC Jang Do Yeon playfully asked if he had any plans to quit drinking altogether.

Heechul responded, “I promised my fans that I would reduce my drinking. I rarely drink, but when I do, I do it quietly.

In a lighthearted exchange, Jang Do Yeon humorously brought up Heechul‘s past incident when he got drunk during a live broadcast and unintentionally used profanity on camera.

Heechul, trying to divert the conversation, asked, “What was the question again?” with a playful tone. He then jokingly remarked, “I have a dislike for a certain type of people—those who drink alcohol and curse relentlessly during live broadcasts.”

Jang Do Yeon challenged him to turn on the selfie camera and repeat his statement, causing everyone on set to burst into laughter.

Netizen comments:

“Heechul always knows how to handle controversies with humor. It’s one of the reasons why fans adore him.”

“Jang Do Yeon’s quick wit and playful banter with Heechul made this segment so entertaining!”

“I’m glad Heechul addressed the issue, but it’s great to see him move on and make light of the situation.”

“Heechul’s ability to laugh at himself is truly admirable. It takes a lot of maturity to handle such incidents with grace.”

“I love how Heechul’s sense of humor shines even in awkward situations. He’s a gem!”

“Jang Do Yeon’s response was epic! The chemistry between these two is fantastic.”

“Heechul never fails to make me laugh. I’m glad he addressed the controversy, but also made it clear he’s moving forward.”

“Heechul’s honesty and ability to acknowledge his mistakes make him so relatable. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity own up to their actions.”

“This exchange between Heechul and Jang Do Yeon is pure gold. They know how to keep the audience entertained!”

“Heechul’s response just shows his playful personality. He knows how to bring humor into any situation.”

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