Netizens come to BLACKPINK Jennie’s defense as she’s unjustly criticized for her recent viral outfit in “The Idol”

K-netizens had diverse opinions about BLACKPINK Jennie‘s wardrobe choices in the HBO series ‘The Idol‘.

On July 4, a netizen took to an online community forum and posted a thread titled, “Are Jennie’s outfits in ‘The Idol’ considered clothing…?“.

Alongside the post, the netizen shared a photo of Jennie from the set of the HBO series, where she was captured alongside her co-star Lily-Rose Depp.

Both were seen donning similar pink stage outfits, with Jennie in light pink and Lily in dark pink. The attire raised eyebrows due to its revealing nature, resembling a swimsuit-like one-piece with a crocheted top.

Some netizens came to Jennie‘s defense, asserting that she was merely wearing what the drama production had provided for her, emphasizing that she was wearing the same outfit as Lily-Rose Depp. Conversely, some found the outfits peculiar.

Describing the clothes as if they were made using a “3D pen,” one user expressed, “It looks like the clothes were made with some 3D pen… I really hope that The Weeknd never holds a camera (produces) again in his life.”

While a section of K-netizens believed that Jennie should have the freedom to wear whatever she desires, others argued that there should be certain boundaries that should not be crossed.

A few empathized with Jennie, acknowledging the pressures she faces as a top star striving to conform to American entertainment standards.

The opinions of K-netizens on Jennie‘s outfits in ‘The Idol’ varied:

“Jennie did nothing wrong. She’s just wearing what the drama production is telling her to wear, and she’s wearing the same outfit as Lily Depp.”

“It looks so weird… It looks like an elementary child is wearing that kind of outfit.”

“Even if the outfit looks weird, it’s Jennie, so that outfit will probably trend soon.”

“Jennie comes out as an idol. In America, isn’t it pretty normal for idols to wear stuff like that on stage?”

“Lolll 3D pen… It is kind of off-putting.”

“Although we should let her wear whatever she wants, shouldn’t there still be a line to draw?”

“I just feel bad for her. She’s a top star, but she’s doing all of this just to fit into the US standards…”

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