“He’s Gu Won IRL” 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho Captivates Audiences with His Portrayal of Gu Won in King The Land

He’s a great fit for the role.

Lee Jun Ho of the group 2PM has been getting noticed for his part as Gu Won in the show King The Land. In the play, he plays the son of a wealthy chaebol who falls in love with an employee.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that he was Gu Won when he went to pick up a schedule for jtbc’s Newsroom on July 6, 2023.

Even though he was dressed up, his shyness showed through.

He also made fans laugh by doing a move from the movie King the Land.

His smile was as bright as it had ever been. This might be one of the ways he was different from Gu Won.

With the suit, he looked even more like his role in the play. Gu Won would never be caught giving away hearts, of course.

Now, this is more like Gu Won.

Lee Jun Ho looks exactly like his character. This is a fact.

He’s a picture of him from the play so that you can compare!

He looks so good in the sun. Even though they were taken by journalists, he looks good in every single one.
Wow. He even dresses like Gu Won.
It’s dead on, Gu Won!!!
Waaaaah, pretty. Fcking handsome. It’s just Mr. Gu Won, the general manager. LOL. Fcking handsome.
F*cking handsome.
Mr. General Manager Gu Won…

We can’t think of anyone else to play the role.



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