A Fan Discusses An Allegedly “Disrespectful” Interaction With TWICE’s Jihyo, Prompting A Discussion About Approaching Idols During Their “Off” Time

What do you think of the idea of talking to stars when they have some free time?

Recently, a TWICE fan talked about a bad contact they had with Jihyo on an online forum.

A person on r/kpoprants said that they went to the Chicago stop of TWICE‘s Ready To Be world tour and saw Jihyo and Nayeon the next day in a store.

“Today, the day after the show, I went to the clothing store Supreme because my sister wanted a gift when I got back. As I was looking around, my whole body shook when I saw Jihyo and Nayeon in the store with their group.I told myself to stay calm and not die. They were dressed casually and didn’t have any makeup on. I’m sure they were very tired from travel and all the projects they were working on. So I chose to tell them I liked their show yesterday and that I was a fan.”

After choosing to talk to Jihyo while she was sitting, they went up to her and told her how much they liked the concert the day before. Allegedly, Jihyo gave them a “dirty look” and said “thank you” in a very condescending tone, according to the user.

“After I checked out, Nayeon was talking to the supreme employee, so I chose to tell Jihyo. I walked up to her while she was relaxing and told her, “I really liked your concert yesterday.” Before I could say anything else, she gave me a really dirty look and said, “Thank you,” in a very condescending way, while giving me a disgusted look. They said that after the claimed encounter, they felt very bad about the situation and needed to talk about it online, which is why they wrote the post.I left right away and tried not to die from shame. All it took was for her to look at me in a certain way for me to feel less than human. My cousin was there with me and saw everything. She was upset and had a big problem with the situation, but I didn’t want her to dislike twice, so I told her she was probably just having a bad day.”

Anyway, I’m now on my way home. I couldn’t forget about what happened, so I’m making this post to get it out of my head and move on.

Other K-pop fans posted on the post and shared their thoughts. First of all, they said that the OP (original poster) didn’t seem to have been rude when she talked to Jihyo.

Several people said that the OP was wrong to go up to her. They said that heroes should be given their space in public because they are not “on the clock.”

Given how bad the problems with sasaengs can be, it is easy to see why some fans might think this way.

Some people said that Jihyo and the other members were probably tired after the show and that the OP mistook this for a “dirty look.”

Another fan noted that idols are still people and that Jihyo doesn’t speak English as well as she should, so the interaction could have been a misunderstanding.

Most people who read the post agreed that neither person did anything wrong, but what do you think?



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