A Leaked Setlist For BLACKPINK’s Upcoming “BORN PINK” Concert Contains Only 13 Songs — Internet Users React

When you think about how much the tickets cost, there aren’t that many songs.

The setlist for BLACKPINK‘s upcoming BORN PINK concert in Vietnam was leaked, and netizens are confused about how many songs the girls will play.

BLACKPINK‘s show in Vietnam will be on July 29 and 30 at the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi. They will be the first K-Pop girl group to play in a stadium that can hold more than 40,000 people.

On July 4, the official Vietnamese Government Facebook page (called Thông tin Chnh ph) posted BLACKPINK‘s setlist for their Vietnam performances.

Fans, though, noticed that the setlist only had thirteen songs.

A caption with the pictures said that the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism had given their approval for the BLACKPINK concert to happen in Ha Noi.

Fans thought that the number of songs was too low because the passes cost so much. Star News says that show tickets for BORN PINK cost about 10 million Vietnamese dongs, which is about 549,000 KRW or $421 USD.

Fans were also disappointed that the members didn’t have any solo songs. BLACKPINK had solo songs and a lot more songs at their other shows.

Some people thought that maybe this was just the list of songs that had to be accepted. If this was the real lineup, they thought it was unfair to pay the same price for “half a show.”

Another Internet user was confused because they thought that songs like “On the Ground” and “Gone” would not bother the government.

A fan compared the songs from past BLACKPINK World Tour shows and pointed out which songs were missing from the Vietnam show.

Many Internet users were confused and doubtful when they heard that there would only be thirteen songs on the setlist. Another user stated why the songs need to be approved.

The Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, according to the Facebook post, wants the music at the show to follow government rules.

“The Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism wants IME Music Co. Ltd. to follow the rules about performance events, advertising, copyright, and other rights. They must also do what is written in the schedule for the performance program. Before and during the artistic performance, the company is also required by law to follow rules about keeping public order, social safety, the environment, health, fire prevention, and any other rules that apply.” — The official Facebook page for the government of Vietnam (Thông tin Chnh ph)

On June 28, the Facebook page said that the Director of the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will meet BLACKPINK when they arrive in Vietnam and that this show is important because it will “enhance the cultural exchange between the people of the two countries.”

The original post no longer has the two pictures of BLACKPINK‘s setlist, but the caption is still the same.

Even with all of these problems, fans still want to go to BLACKPINK‘s concerts—if they can get tickets.

Even though ticket sales for the Vietnam show haven’t started yet, there has been a huge increase in scalpers trying to sell tickets to fans there.



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