“They are fake ARMYs” — Han So Hee’s Instagram Comments Section Turns Toxic as She Joins BTS Jungkook’s Music Video

Actress Han So Hee‘s Instagram account has received a mix of comments following the announcement of her collaboration with BTS‘s Jungkook.

Han So Hee has gained recognition for her versatile acting skills, impressing netizens in K-dramas such as “My Name” and “Soundtrack.” She has also appeared in music videos, including SHINee‘s “Tell Me What To Do.”

Given Han So Hee‘s popularity among netizens, it’s no surprise that many were excited when it was confirmed that she would be featured in BTS Jungkook‘s upcoming music video for his solo single “SEVEN.”

BIGHIT MUSIC released the schedule, revealing that Han So Hee‘s role will be revealed when the music video is released.

As expected, Han So Hee’s latest Instagram posts were flooded with comments, initially appearing negative and filled with hate towards the actress. However, many BTS fans (ARMYs) suspect that these comments are not from genuine fans.

In fact, the recent comments under Han So Hee‘s posts have been overwhelmingly supportive. Many fans express their desire for the actress not to judge all fans based on the negative comments and send her messages of positivity.

Although there are still a few weeks until the video is released, it is heartwarming to see ARMYs coming to the defense of Han So Hee.

They understand that she is simply doing her job, and regardless of the role she plays in Jungkook‘s video, she was chosen for a reason and is expected to shine.



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