CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk stuns fans with his mind-blowing transformation in “Celebrity” – You won’t believe your eyes!

CNBLUE‘s Kang Minhyuk has become a popular subject of discussion among netizens due to his remarkable transformation from his role in the 2013 drama “The Heirs” to his current role in the 2023 series “Celebrity.

Initially gaining recognition in 2009 as a member of the band CNBLUE under FNC Entertainment, Minhyuk impressed audiences with his drumming skills, striking visuals, and undeniable charisma.

Although he has enjoyed a successful career with CNBLUE, Minhyuk has also captured the hearts of netizens with his acting abilities.

In 2013, he garnered significant attention for his portrayal of Chan Young, Krystal’s boyfriend, in “The Heirs.”

Minhyuk has once again found his way into the hearts of netizens worldwide through his role in the latest K-drama sensation, “Celebrity,” which delves into the chaotic world of social media influencers.

In the series, he portrays Han Jung Kyung, a scion of a wealthy family business, who becomes entangled with the lead character Seo Ah Ri, played by Park Gyu Young.

Since the show’s premiere, netizens have been captivated by Minhyuk‘s performance. Despite having taken on various roles after completing his military service, his portrayal in “Celebrity” has generated significant buzz and left netizens craving for more.

After watching the episodes, netizens couldn’t help but rave about Kang Minhyuk, joking that they initially tuned in for the storyline but were completely mesmerized by his stunning visuals, not to mention the multitude of celebrity cameos.

Many netizens found themselves drawing comparisons between his character in “Celebrity” and his previous role as Chan Young in “The Heirs.

For many fans, Minhyuk has transitioned from being boyfriend material to husband goals, an evolution made even more significant as it marks ten years since the release of “The Heirs.”

As June and July K-dramas take the world by storm, Kang Minhyuk‘s role in “Celebrity” is undoubtedly at the top of the list for many netizens, cementing his status as a rising star in the industry.



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