Netizens in uproar as NewJeans’s new concept photos accused of plagiarizing “Infinite Challenge”, igniting heated debate

Girl group NewJeans has caught the attention of “Infinite Challenge” fans once again with the teaser video for their upcoming song “ASAP.

An online article titled “‘Infinite Challenge‘ predicted NewJeans‘s new song” has sparked discussion among netizens.

The author of the article compared the teaser images of “ASAP” released on June 27th with screenshots from “Infinite Challenge” makeup for a calendar project.

Netizens reacted to the photos with comments such as “I want NewJeans to appear on ‘Hal Myung Soo’ again” and “Stop watching ‘Infinite Challenge,’ Min Hee Jin.

Some questioned whether it was a concept or if NewJeans had really copied “Infinite Challenge.” Others joked about imagining Park Myung Soo in the music video, emphasizing the omnipresence of “Infinite Challenge.

Since their debut in July last year, NewJeans has faced criticism from netizens who pointed out similarities between the choreographies and music video concepts of their songs, including “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Ditto,” and “OMG,” with scenes allegedly from “Infinite Challenge.”

MBC, the producer of “Infinite Challenge,” even uploaded a special video called “Infinite Challenge NewJeans” on their Youtube channel, showcasing memes created from these resemblances.

Director Shin Woo Suk, who worked on the music video for “Ditto,” took to his Instagram Story to address accusations of plagiarism against NewJeans’s music video.

He clarified that it was not plagiarism and asked people to understand that any similarities were merely coincidental due to the shared genres.

In other news, NewJeans is set to release their second EP album, “Get Up,” on July 21st. Prior to the album release, they will pre-release the tracks “Super Shy” and “New Jeans” on the 7th.

The EP album will feature a total of six songs, including the two pre-release tracks, as well as “ETA,” “Cool With You,” “ASAP,” and “Get Up.



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