Jessi wows the crowd with her sensational performance at Psy’s “Drenched Show”

Popular singer Jessi captivated viewers with her dynamic presence during her appearance on the electrifying show ‘Drenched Show‘.

In a remarkable event held last month on the 30th, Jessi enthralled an audience of 35,000 as a special guest at Psy’s highly-anticipated summer brand concert, ‘Drenched Show’.

Taking the stage by storm, Jessi delivered captivating performances of hit songs such as ‘What X‘, ‘ZOOM‘, and ‘Nununanna‘.

However, it wasn’t just her remarkable talent that stole the spotlight. Jessi also grabbed attention by showcasing her unwavering friendship with Psy, the CEO of P-Nation, her former agency.

In the past year, Jessi had been caught up in rumors of strained relations with Psy after her exclusive contract with P-Nation came to an end.

However, her appearance as a guest on last year’s ‘Drenched Show‘ served as a powerful testament to her loyalty and successfully debunked any rumors of discord.

Netizens flooded social media with their thoughts on Jessi‘s stellar performance and her relationship with Psy:

“Jessi truly owned the stage with her charisma! And her friendship with Psy is goals! #FriendshipGoals”

“I was at the concert, and Jessi’s energy was off the charts! She knows how to get the crowd pumped!”

“I’m so glad Jessi and Psy are still close. It’s great to see that they have a strong bond despite the rumors.”

“Jessi’s presence on stage is unmatched! I’m proud to be her fan. She always proves the haters wrong.”

“Those performances were fire! Jessi killed it as always. She’s a true queen of the stage.”

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