“It’s driving me crazy” — ZE:A’s Kwanghee playfully vents his jealousy over Siwan’s casting in “Squid Game 2”

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee sparked laughter when he admitted that he still feels envious of his fellow member Siwan.

On the recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Boss in the Mirror’, Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun surprised their juniors by visiting their dorms.

Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun were taken aback by the disorganized and messy state of their juniors’ dorms and advised them to clean up for positive energy.

Choo Sung Hoon mentioned during an interview that he values cleanliness, believing it brings in new positive energy when rooms, entrance doors, and bathrooms are neat.

In the studio, Kwanghee complimented Choo Sung Hoon’s success and playfully mentioned Siwan, his fellow member.

Kwanghee humorously asked Siwan if he had ever been to Sung Hoon‘s house, sharing that he had been there himself, which amused everyone.

Kim Sook then questioned Kwanghee, asking if he still felt jealous of Siwan. Choo Sung Hoon chimed in, mentioning the buzz around Siwan‘s involvement in ‘Squid Game 2‘. He said, “There was much buzz because Siwan’s going to be on ‘Squid Game 2.’“.

Kwanghee responded by humorously expressing his frustration, claiming it drives him crazy and affects his sleep. He jokingly compared his own face to that of a squid and a cuttlefish, eliciting laughter from everyone.

Kwanghee said “It drives me crazy. I can’t sleep. To be honest, I have the face of a squid. I have the face of a cuttlefish”. 

Following the episode, netizens shared various comments in response to Kwanghee‘s statement:

“He has a good sense of humor.”

“I can imagine Kwanghee in ‘Squid Game 2’ as a character who jokes around and gets eliminated in the first round.”

“He’s promoting his friend.”

“This is incredibly funny.”

“He expresses his jealousy in a playful manner, not rudely.”

“Seems like they have a great relationship.”

“He’s so entertaining.”

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