“NewJeans vibes?” — NMIXX’s comeback stirs controversy among netizens as opinions clash over their new release “Roller Coaster”

NMIXX recently unveiled the music video for their pre-release track titled “Roller Coaster,” marking their long-awaited comeback with their 3rd EP, ‘A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream.’

Following the release of the music video, Korean netizens have been engaged in discussions about NMIXX‘s comeback, generating a range of opinions and passionate emotions, particularly regarding whether the comeback can be deemed disappointing or not.

This debate originated in a popular online community, where users exchanged their views on whether NMIXX‘s latest track effectively showcased the immense talent possessed by the members.

One netizen expressed their observations, saying, “From the teaser to the song itself… Are they trying to emulate the NewJeans vibe…? Even the dance break part feels uncoordinated… Considering their talent, why did they choose this concept…? JYP, what is your plan?“.

Other netizens joined the conversation, providing their own comments:

“They simply released an easy-to-listen track, and they unveiled the forest fairy concept earlier. How can anyone claim they are copying NewJeans?”

“They are merely following the trend… Personally, I appreciate the unique charm of JYP girl groups.”

“Sullyoon truly resembles a doll.”

“When people start criticizing them, it usually means they are destined for success.”

“I have no doubt that NMIXX will thrive.”

“I understand they have a similar fairy concept, but for some reason, NMIXX appears slightly gaudy.”

“NMIXX possesses a powerful vocal line, and I hope they receive a song that better showcases their vocal abilities.”

“Considering the number of people slandering NMIXX, it seems like they are destined to make a big impact. Lol.”

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