Troye Sivan’s Instagram Post Reveals BLACKPINK Jennie’s Jaw-Dropping Sexy Look from “The Idol”

Netizens have been captivated by BLACKPINK Jennie‘s evolving style, which has grown more mature over the years.

Whether she’s at events or on stage, Jennie‘s outfits have become increasingly sexy, highlighting her stunning visuals and confidence.

However, fans were taken aback when Jennie appeared in HBO‘s controversial show “The Idol” wearing one of her sexiest outfits for a seductive dance scene.

The outfit was revealed in an Instagram post by her co-star Troye Sivan, and although it had been modified to align with K-Pop standards, it still showcased the provocative nature of the look.

Troye Sivan shared several behind-the-scenes photos from the show’s filming, including some featuring Jennie.

But it was the photo of Jennie alongside Lily-Rose Depp, both dressed in the outfits from the “Sexy” dance scene, that caught fans’ attention.

Fans were particularly surprised to see Jennie’s outfit in its full, unedited form, as it had appeared relatively modest compared to Lily‘s version during the actual scene.

The similarities between the two outfits, especially in the bodice area, were striking when viewed together.

The release of these photos naturally sparked a frenzy among BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans). Alongside praising Jennie’s beauty, many fans admired her confidence and defended her against slut-shaming critics.

Despite the restrictions imposed on K-Pop idols, Jennie has consistently broken free and showcased her confidence in a truly badass manner.



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