“Who cares? She’s an adult already” — Netizens Stand up for fromis_9’s Jisun Amidst Vape Juice Allegations During Weverse LIVE

Netizens have noticed an unusual item in the room of Roh Jisun, a member of the K-pop group fromis_9.

During a livestream on July 1, fellow members Seoyeon and Jisun showcased their rooms on Weverse LIVE.

Jisun‘s room revealed a PlayStation 5, a large television, and bouquets of flowers, catching viewers’ attention. However, this innocent glimpse led to some unintended interest among netizens.

A viewer took a screenshot of the room and highlighted a pair of containers in the left-hand corner, claiming that they contained liquid used for vaping.

The packaging resembled a Korean e-juice brand called “얼려먹구싶오” which is used with e-cigarettes to produce vapor for inhalation.

These e-juices come in various flavors such as lemon and watermelon, and are sold in cylindrical tubes with pointed tops for approximately ₩7,500 KRW (around $5.70 USD).

Despite the controversy, Korean and international netizens defended Jisun online, arguing that it would be hypocritical to criticize her when male K-pop idols have been confirmed to be vape users.

They highlighted instances where popular male idols were caught smoking during livestreams and expressed that her age as an adult should allow her to make her own decisions.

It is worth noting that Jisun is not the first K-pop idol to be associated with e-juice. Other idols, including NCT 127 members Jungwoo, Taeyong, and Johnny, have also been seen with similar products.

Some comments from netizens:

“Who cares? Many popular male idols have already been caught smoking in livestreams. It’s hypocritical to single out Jisun.”

“There are plenty of idols who are known to be smokers, so why target her?”

“Do you really think she’s the only one who has been caught smoking? Let’s not be naive.”

“She’s an adult, and she should be allowed to make her own decisions without being judged.”

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