Concerns Mount as SHINee’s Onew Displays Alarming Weight Loss on “Omniscient Interfering View”

In a recent episode of the popular variety show “Omniscient Interfering View,” SHINee member Onew‘s appearance caught the attention of viewers as he displayed alarming weight loss.

This concerning revelation comes shortly after the announcement that Onew would be suspending his activities due to health issues. Fans and netizens alike have expressed their worries and support for the idol’s well-being.

On the June 24th broadcast of “Omniscient Interfering View,” the members of SHINee were featured as they prepared for their highly anticipated comeback.

The episode showcased the group’s efforts in perfecting their performance for their new song, “Hard.” Manager Nam Eui Soo introduced the track, stating that SHINee aimed to showcase their versatility by embracing the hip-hop genre.

The group members were seen engaging in intense practice sessions with choreographer Kasper and Carney, a dancer who has worked with renowned artist Beyoncé.

During breaks, the members shared their thoughts and reminisced about their past promotions, revealing interesting anecdotes and humorous moments.

Throughout the episode, Onew‘s significant weight loss became a topic of concern among viewers. His gaunt appearance raised questions about his overall health and well-being. Fans expressed their worries and sent messages of support, hoping for his swift recovery.

On June 9th, SHINee‘s agency, SM Entertainment, released a statement revealing that Onew had been experiencing health issues. After undergoing medical examinations and consultations, it was determined that he would require medical care and rest.

Consequently, Onew would be unable to participate in the upcoming concert and album activities, leaving Key, Minho, and Taemin to proceed without him.

In light of his health concerns, Onew took to his personal Instagram account to address his fans directly. He expressed his determination to recover and return to the stage, apologizing for causing concern.

He requested understanding and support during his short rest period and vowed to come back in good health, emphasizing his commitment to making each moment with SHINee and their fans meaningful.

Netizen Comments:

“I hope Onew gets the rest and care he needs. Health should always come first. Wishing him a speedy recovery! 💙”

“It’s heartbreaking to see Onew like this. I hope he takes the time he needs and comes back stronger. SHINee will always be there for him.”

“Onew’s dedication to his art is admirable, but his health should never be compromised. Take all the time you need, Onew. We’ll be patiently waiting for your return. 💕”

“Sending all my love and support to Onew and the SHINee members. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and hope for their successful comeback despite the challenges.”

“Onew, please take care of yourself! We’ll always be here supporting you and SHINee. Health is wealth, remember that. ❤️”

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