Attrakt Accuses External Agency of “Poaching” FIFTY FIFTY, Alleges Collaboration with Warner Music Korea

Attrakt, the label of the group FIFTY FIFTY, has accused an external agency of attempting to “poach” the group and claimed that they are collaborating with Warner Music Korea.

According to Attrakt‘s CEO Jeon Hong Joon, it appears that both the external agency and Warner Music Korea are involved in the recent attempts to poach the members of FIFTY FIFTY.

On the same day, CEO Jeon Hong Joon sent evidence to Warner Music Korea and alleged that the external agency approached them with a proposal to sell the rights of FIFTY FIFTY through Attrakt.

Representatives from Attrakt stated that they have already discovered evidence of clear attempts to illegally take away the members of FIFTY FIFTY and requested Warner Music Korea to provide a clear explanation of their position.

Furthermore, Attrakt had previously disclosed that an external agency had tried to poach the members of FIFTY FIFTY and expressed their hope for the members to return and resume their schedules.

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