“They are like sisters” aespa’s Winter Earns Praise for Caring Act Towards Ningning at “Waterbomb Seoul 2023”

aespa‘s Winter Displays Heartwarming Concern for Ningning‘s Eye Discomfort

Seoul, June 25, 2023 – Winter from the popular K-pop group aespa showcased her caring nature by expressing continuous concern for fellow member Ningning, who had been experiencing discomfort in one of her eyes.

The heartwarming incident took place at the highly-anticipated “Waterbomb Seoul 2023” event, held at the Jamsil Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium.

aespa, the talented girl group known for their chart-topping hits such as “Next Level,” “Thirsty,” and “Goblin Fire,” set the stage ablaze with their electrifying performances.

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During one of their dynamic dance routines, Ningning accidentally dropped her protective goggles without noticing, but resiliently continued the performance.

Fortunately, Winter, ever attentive to her bandmate’s well-being, quickly noticed the mishap and gracefully retrieved Ningning‘s goggles.

She securely held onto them throughout the remainder of the performance, ensuring Ningning‘s safety.

As Winter later engaged with the audience, she approached Ningning and handed her the goggles, symbolizing her unwavering support.

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This endearing act of care was captured and documented by fans, leaving a lasting impression.

Additionally, when the water gun play segment commenced, Winter repeatedly inquired about Ningning‘s well-being, moving fans with her considerate gestures.

In a revealing interview with Vogue magazine in March, Ningning disclosed a personal secret, stating, “I underwent surgery in my youth due to poor eyesight. I can hardly see out of my right eye.” This candid admission shed light on the challenges she faces.

According to reports from various Chinese media outlets, Ningning has been battling Acanthamoeba keratitis, a condition characterized by inflammation caused by the invasion of amoebas into the cornea.

This affliction is notoriously difficult to treat and causes severe pain.

Upon hearing the news of aespa’s participation in the highly anticipated ‘Waterbomb Seoul 2023’ event, fans expressed their concerns for Ningning‘s well-being.

The apprehension was also echoed by Ningning herself during a live broadcast, where she conveyed her own anxieties.

In the midst of this collective worry, Winter‘s genuine care for Ningning shone through, capturing the hearts of netizens.

Admirers flooded social media platforms with comments praising aespa’s compassion, such as “Winter’s beauty extends beyond her appearance; her kindness is equally captivating,” and “aespa truly exemplifies what it means to be a heartwarming group.”

Winter‘s thoughtful actions and genuine concern serve as a testament to the strong bond and support within aespa.

As the group continues to captivate audiences worldwide, their endearing display of unity and care for one another sets them apart as role models in the K-pop industry.



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