Oh My Girl’s Mimi shows off her gorgeous figure in sizzling bikini photos

Oh My Girl member Mimi recently made headlines with her sizzling bikini photos.

On the 20th, Mimi took to her social media to share a series of pictures with the caption “Summer begins.”

In the snapshots, Mimi confidently displays her fit and attractive physique, donning a white bikini top and comfortable black underwear.

Her joyful embrace of the summer season has certainly caught everyone’s attention. Fans from both Korea and around the world expressed their concerns, urging Mimi to cover up more.

Some comments praised her for looking incredibly attractive lately, while others simply asked her to take care of herself.

Besides her captivating bikini photos, Mimi has been keeping busy with her appearances on tvN‘s ‘Earth Arcade Season 2‘ and Channel A‘s ‘Heart Signal 4,’ further establishing her position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Comments from netizens:

“Mimi, you look stunning! 🔥”
“I hope she’s taking care of herself and staying healthy.”
“Summer suits her so well!”
“Can’t get enough of Mimi’s confidence!”
“Wow, those abs are goals!”
“Unnie, please wear something more modest.”
“Mimi is such a talented and beautiful idol.”
“I wish I had her figure. She’s inspiring!”
“I hope she’s staying safe under the sun.”
“Mimi, you’re the epitome of summer vibes!”

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