“The Glory” actor Kim Gun Woo Reportedly In Talks to Star in A Romantic Drama alongside Superstar Kim Go Eun

Kim Gun Woo, the rising star who captivated audiences with his performance in “The Glory,” is set to solidify his position as a leading actor with his latest role in the upcoming drama “Eun Jung and Sang-yeon.”

According to a recent report from Xsports News, Kim Gun Woo is actively considering an offer to join the cast of “Eun Jung and Sang-yeon,” generating positive anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike.

“Eun Jung and Sang-yeon” tells the story of Ryu Eun-jung and Cheon Sang-yeon, who were once close friends during their elementary school days but drifted apart due to a particular incident.

The drama explores the events that unfold when Eun-jung becomes a drama writer and Sang-yeon becomes a film producer, leading them to cross paths once again as adults.

The project brings together renowned writer Song Hye-jin, known for her work on TVN’s popular dramas such as “Understanding of Love,” “Do You Like Brahms?” and “One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky,” along with director Jo Young-min.

The drama will be produced by Kakao Entertainment, raising expectations for a compelling and engaging storyline.

Kim Gun Woo has been offered the role of Kim Sang Hak, a character beloved by all for his sincere personality and authentic demeanor.

Sang-hak deeply loved Eun Jung when they first encountered each other in a college club. As the story progresses, he becomes a skilled film director, setting the stage for a heartfelt reunion with Eun Jung.

Actress Kim Go Eun is also considering the role of Eun Jung, while Park Ji Hyun is being considered for the role of Sang Yeon, adding to the anticipation surrounding the drama.

Following his breakthrough portrayal of Son Myung Oh, the school violence perpetrator who tormented Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) in the hit Netflix series “The Glory,” Kim Gun Woo is poised to continue his successful career trajectory with “Eun Jung and Sang-yeon.”

In addition to his television endeavors, Kim Gun Woo is currently showcasing his talent in the musical “Ppappippa Bakery” at the Sejong Cultural Center’s S Theater.

Furthermore, he will take part in the 10th-anniversary performance of the musical “Those Days” at the Opera Theater of the Seoul Arts Center in July.

With his active involvement in various projects, including an appearance on the SBS variety show “My Ugly Duckling,” Kim Gun Woo is proving to be a versatile and sought-after entertainer in the industry.



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