Beauty Creator Song Jia Shares Tips on Maintaining a Slim Figure in Latest Video

Song Jia has recently divulged the secret behind her enviable slim figure, leaving fans intrigued and eager to learn more.

The revelation came through a video on her popular YouTube channel, ‘THE Free Zia,’ titled ‘Q&A: Summer Body Management and Current Favorite Fragrance Recommendations.’

During the video, Song Jia engaged with her dedicated fan base, addressing a variety of questions. One particular inquiry focused on how she maintains her body during the summer season.

In response, Song Jia astounded viewers with her straightforward approach, stating, “First of all, I don’t snack. I don’t like snacking. I just have two meals a day.”

In addition to her meal frequency, Song Jia discussed the practice of intermittent fasting, sharing her personal routine. “I have my first meal around 4 to 5 o’clock and eat the next meal between 2 and 1 o’clock.” she revealed.

To optimize the results, she advised against consuming anything after these two meals, making an exception only for an iced Americano as a snack.

Notably, Song Jia also disclosed her current weight during the video, announcing, “I weigh around 41.6kg.” Considering her height of 163cm, her slender physique garnered attention and sparked discussions among followers.

Comments such as “This is the diet that can maintain a slim figure” and “Even the two meals are surprising, not to mention the eating time” flooded social media platforms, as fans marveled at her disciplined approach to maintaining her body.

Beyond her body management tips, Song Jia recently made headlines by signing an exclusive contract with Sublime, a move that hints at her increased activity and future endeavors in the industry.

Fans can expect to see more of the talented beauty creator as she embarks on new ventures in collaboration with the renowned brand.

Song Jia‘s openness about her beauty and lifestyle routines continues to captivate audiences, inspiring individuals to explore alternative approaches to maintaining a healthy and slim physique.

With her unique insights and forthcoming attitude, Song Jia is sure to keep her followers engaged and eagerly awaiting her next revelation.



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