“What’s Inside Jennie’s Bag?” A Closer Look of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Essentials In Her Bag

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has captivated fans with her relatable and down-to-earth personality, as she recently shared a glimpse into her personal life in a video released on the YouTube channel ‘VOGUE JAPAN.’

The video showcases Jennie revealing the contents of her bags, providing an intimate look into her everyday essentials.

In the video, Jennie presents two bags, a large one and a small one, and proceeds to showcase the items within them.

From her stylish black mini bag embellished with pearls and a chain strap, she takes out her phone with a request, “Can you blur the phone case a bit? It’s embarrassing. It’s a bit dirty,” followed by a playful laugh.

Jennie then demonstrates her affectionate nature by drawing a heart while saying, “I use my phone to send messages to people. I like sending hearts.” This sweet gesture showcases her warmth and connection with her fans.

Moving on to the small bag, Jennie reveals a ribbon-shaped black scrunchie, which can also be used as a bracelet, and wireless earphones.

She mentions how she enjoys listening to meditation music during travel, whether on the plane or in the car, adding a personal touch to her daily routine.

Introducing the large bag, Jennie expresses a sentimental sentiment, stating, “When people see my bag, it’s like seeing their mom.”

She elaborates on this by explaining how mothers always carry emergency supplies when going out with their children, which led her to adopt a similar mindset of self-care and preparedness.

Inside the large bag, Jennie uncovers a cute pouch adorned with hair clips and a cat design. She further reveals a bandage for injuries, a face roller to reduce morning facial swelling, a small mirror, and a black leather pouch containing a purple gem, which she uses when her face becomes swollen in the morning.

Sharing the origin of the gem, she mentions, “I bought this small gem in LA. I carry it in my little pouch.”

Additionally, Jennie brings out another pouch filled with a silver film camera, perfect for capturing precious moments with friends or adorable dogs, as well as essential items like medicine and snacks.

The collection of pouches, cat drawings, and accessories that reflect Jennie‘s personal taste have caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Her relatability and genuine personality shine through as she shares the everyday items that bring her comfort and joy.

In other news, Jennie graces the cover of the July issue of ‘Vogue Japan,’ further solidifying her status as a style icon.

Her presence in the fashion industry continues to captivate audiences with her impeccable sense of style and undeniable charm.

Jennie‘s willingness to share personal aspects of her life allows fans to feel closer to her, fostering a strong connection and admiration.

Her genuine and relatable nature make her an inspiration to many, as she effortlessly combines her talent and down-to-earth personality to leave a lasting impression on both the music and fashion worlds.



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