“We need this two in big screen pleaseee” The Unexpected Encounter of Wi Ha Joon and Tom Holland Sparks Movie Speculations

We need a movie right away with these two in it.

When a movie that starred actors Wi Ha Joon and Tom Holland went viral, it brought together people from different worlds.

The Swiss luxury watch company TAG Heuer recently added a video to its Instagram Stories.

Netizens were surprised to see the Squid Game actor and the Spider-Man actor sat next to each other and talking and laughing while Wi Ha Joon did the famous Spider-Man web-shooting pose.

Fans were shocked to see a video of the two stars together. It was certainly a surprise to see.

Tom Holland and Wi Ha Joon both went to the Formula One race in Monaco called the “Monaco Grand Prix.”

They also stood together for a picture. Wi Ha Joon posted the picture today and said, “It was a pleasure and an honor to meet” Holland.

We can only think how great a movie would be with Wi Ha Joon and Tom Holland in it.



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