“This is so disrespectful!” BLINK’s Outrage Over An Audience Who Threw An Object To BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BLACKPINK member Lisa had a close call during the recent ‘BORN PINK’ world tour in Macau, narrowly dodging an object thrown by a fan.

The incident left her with a bitter smile and highlighted the issue of disruptive behavior from some audience members.

Despite the scare, Lisa continued to deliver an awe-inspiring performance, but the incident has sparked concerns and criticism among fans.

BLACKPINK‘s world tour, ‘BORN PINK,’ captivated fans in Macau with its breathtaking performances and fan interactions.

The members, including Lisa, engaged with the audience and showcased an even more dazzling stage presence than ever before.

The event was highly anticipated, with fans eager to connect with their favorite idols and witness their extraordinary talents.

However, amidst the excitement, a disturbing incident occurred that cast a shadow on the otherwise memorable event.

As Lisa approached the fans, ready to engage with them, the actions of a few ‘rude spectators’ caught everyone’s attention, dampening the atmosphere.

While most fans greeted Lisa with waving hands or captured her on camera, an object suddenly flew onto the stage, narrowly missing her.

The object that almost struck Lisa turned out to be a teddy bear. What made matters worse was the discovery that a small camera was attached to the bear, raising concerns among fans about invasion of privacy.

The incident not only posed a potential physical harm to Lisa but also exposed the issue of inappropriate behavior by certain fans during live performances.

Startled by the incident, Lisa reacted swiftly, warning the fan responsible for their reckless actions.

Despite the shock, she mustered the strength to continue the performance, putting on a brave face for her dedicated fans.

However, many people empathized with Lisa, feeling sorry that she couldn’t voice stronger objections to the aggressive behavior exhibited by the fan.

Criticism towards the fan’s actions has been widespread, with fans expressing their anger and disappointment.

Upon viewing the video footage of the incident, fans expressed their anger and concern through various social media platforms.

Comments flooded in, condemning the fan’s dangerous behavior and emphasizing the importance of respect and manners.

Many fans emphasized that regardless of the object being a doll, such actions were inexcusable and posed a significant risk to Lisa‘s well-being.

The incident served as a wake-up call for the need to prioritize safety and appropriate conduct during idol performances.

The incident during BLACKPINK‘s world tour in Macau, where Lisa narrowly avoided being hit by an object thrown by a fan, has shed light on the issue of disruptive behavior among some audience members.

Despite the scare, Lisa showed resilience and professionalism by continuing the performance, leaving fans in awe of her dedication.

However, the incident has sparked discussions about fan etiquette and safety concerns at live events, reminding everyone of the importance of maintaining respect and creating a safe environment for both idols and fans alike.



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