TripleS’ newest member, SoHyun, becomes an instant stan attractor with her stunning visuals

TripleS newest member, SoHyun, is already gaining attention from fans and netizens for her stunning visuals.

The rookie idol joined the group just the day before TripleS attended the baseball match of Kiwoom Heroes. NaKyoung and ChaeYeon held the ceremonial pitch and bat, while DaHyun performed the national anthem.

However, it was SoHyun who stole the show with her beauty, as fansites attended the match to capture her stunning visuals.

The photos taken by fansites of SoHyun at the baseball match have been making rounds online, with netizens in awe of her beauty. Many have praised her stunning visuals, with some even comparing her to top visuals in the K-Pop industry.

SoHyun, born in 2002, is not only a talented singer but also a dancer, choreographer, and producer. She produced one of TripleS‘ upcoming sub-unit, +(KR)ystal Eyes debut tracks, showcasing her diverse skills in the music industry.

Fans have been expressing their excitement for SoHyun‘s debut with TripleS, and many are already anticipating her potential to become one of the top visuals in the K-Pop industry.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

“Wow, SoHyun’s visuals are insane! She’s already a stan attractor.”

“I can’t believe how stunning SoHyun is! I can’t wait to see her shine on stage.”

“TripleS gained a visual goddess with SoHyun. She’s definitely going to turn heads in the industry.”

“SoHyun’s visuals are no joke! She’s absolutely stunning and has the potential to become a top visual in K-Pop.”

“I’m so excited to see what SoHyun brings to TripleS. Her beauty and talent are already leaving a strong impression on me.”

“TripleS made a great choice by adding SoHyun to the group. Her visuals are out of this world!”

“Already a day in, and SoHyun’s visuals are already taking the K-Pop industry by storm. I can’t wait to see more of her in the future.”

“TripleS is going to have one of the strongest visuals in the industry with SoHyun. I can’t wait to see her debut with the group.”

“TripleS gained a talented idol with SoHyun, and her visuals are just the cherry on top. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the group.”

“SoHyun’s visuals are breathtaking! I can’t wait to see more of her in TripleS’ upcoming activities.”

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