Jennie’s Coachella photos ignite a social media frenzy among BLACKPINK fans

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been spotted at the Coachella Valley and Arts Festival, according to close friends who shared photos on social media.

Model Shin Hyeon Ji posted several photos on the 22nd with the caption “Pinkchella.” The photos show Shin sitting on a couch wearing sunglasses and striking a charismatic pose, while Jennie leans her face on Shin’s shoulder with a tender look.

In another photo, Jennie shows off her cute charm and superior beauty by pulling down her jacket to reveal her shoulder line and puckering her lips.

Model Lee Ho Jung, another close friend of Jennie and Shin, is also pictured in the photos. Lee had previously shared a memory photo with Jennie and Shin, along with heart emoticons.

Netizens have been buzzing with excitement over the news, with many expressing their admiration for Jennie‘s beauty and fashion sense.

Here are some reactions from fans:

“Jennie looks stunning as always!”
“I love Jennie’s outfit, she always looks so fashionable.”
“Her shoulder line is so pretty, I wish I had arms like that!”
“Jennie and Shin look like they’re having so much fun, I’m jealous!”
“BLACKPINK is really taking over the world, they’re amazing.”

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