“He looks BOLD!” BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Takes the Airport Fashion Game to New Heights with Mini Shorts

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon has once again caught the attention of reporters and fans with his unique fashion style.

On April 17th, G-Dragon arrived at Incheon International Airport after finishing his schedule in Japan, wearing a large newspaper hat that covered more than half of his face, a shirt, and ‘mini shorts’ that highlighted his leg line.

G-Dragon‘s pants have become a topic of conversation, as he showcased a genderless look once again.

The pants that women feel comfortable in became his ‘airport look’, and netizens responded positively to this, calling him a leader of genderless fashion.

G-Dragon has previously shown a genderless look by wearing pearl necklaces or carrying a handbag, without concealing his gender.

What also caught attention was the tattoo engraved on his thigh, which was naturally exposed due to the mini shorts.

The cross-shaped tattoo that covered his left calf was also highlighted every time he walked.

In addition to his fashion, G-Dragon has also attracted attention for his close friendship with Japanese chef Shoji Natsumi.

On April 15th, he posted a photo on his personal SNS with Shoji Natsumi, lying on her thigh to take the photo.

Netizens have been impressed by G-Dragon‘s daring fashion choices and close relationships with people of different backgrounds. Some comments include:

  • G-Dragon really knows how to make a statement with his fashion. I always look forward to seeing what he’ll wear next!”
  • “I love how G-Dragon doesn’t stick to gender norms when it comes to fashion. He’s a true inspiration.”
  • “His friendship with Shoji Natsumi is so heartwarming. I love seeing people from different backgrounds come together like this.”
  • G-Dragon is always ahead of the fashion trends. He’s a true fashion icon.”

G-Dragon‘s fashion choices and unique personality continue to captivate fans all over the world.



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