“I had no confidence in myself ” The touching message that made IVE fans fall in love with Leeseo even more

IVE Leeseo expresses affection for fans

Leeseo, a member of the K-pop group IVE, recently expressed her gratitude towards fans in a post on the group’s official fan cafe.

She revealed that she was deeply touched by a letter and post written by Dive, IVE‘s fandom, and that it made her realize her own existence.

The post reads, “First of all, I realized that I am a source of strength for many people more than I thought. At first, I didn’t know that someone could gain strength from me, and I didn’t believe it. I thought everyone was just saying empty words.”

Leeseo went on to say that it was Dive who corrected her thinking and that she only has eyes for the fandom. “I sincerely only look at Dive and there is nothing else but Dive. When I do something that is shown to Dive, I only think about Dive, like ‘What would Dive think?’ or ‘Dive would really like this picture.'”

The singer also expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from her fans. “Until now, I have been wandering and had no confidence in myself, but now I won’t anymore. The time I’ve endured so far has proven to not be in vain.”

Finally, Leeseo made a promise to her fans, saying, “I hope to spend each day looking forward to the future. Let’s hold hands and move forward together. I promise not to follow anyone who calls me from behind. I love Dive more than what Dive thinks.”

The post has since gone viral among K-pop fans, with many praising Leeseo for her heartfelt message. Fans commented, Leeseo‘s words made me tear up,” “It’s amazing to see how much she values her fans,” and “I’m so proud to be a Dive.”

IVE recently made a comeback with their first full-length album, “IVE IVE.” However, member Rei will temporarily suspend activities due to health issues, and the group will continue as a 5-member group for the time being.



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