“I promise to change and be a better person” Former BIGBANG member Seungri leading a normal life after release from prison

Former member of the K-pop group BIGBANG, Seungri has been reported to be leading a normal life since his release from prison.

According to a report by Sports TV News on March 22nd, Seungri has been living a routine life since his release from prison in February, similar to his life before.

Seungri was identified as a key figure in the so-called “Burning Sun Gate” that began at the Burning Sun club in 2019 and was charged with a total of nine offenses, including habitual gambling, soliciting prostitution, and embezzlement.

After a legal battle that even reached the Supreme Court, the trial court ultimately convicted Seungri of all charges and sentenced him to one year and six months in prison in May of last year.

After serving his sentence at a military prison, Seungri was transferred to a civilian prison in Yeosu to complete his remaining term and was released quietly upon completion.

According to sources, Seungri is enjoying a relatively bright and ordinary life since his release from prison, and has even contacted those close to him in the entertainment industry.

One source told Sports TV News, Seungri contacted me to ask how I was doing. His voice was a little calmer than before, but he still seemed as cheerful as ever.”

Another source cautiously mentioned that Seungri has not abandoned his love for “clubs” and even suggested going to a club to his acquaintances in the entertainment industry.

Despite the scandal that started at his club Burning Sun and even led to his imprisonment, it seems that Seungri‘s love for clubs remains unchanged.

At his sentencing trial last year, Seungri promised to change with tears in his eyes. “I have reflected on myself for the past three years and promise to be reborn from this,” he said in remorse.



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