“They Didn’t Know He Was a Vegan?” — BLACKPINK’s Recommended Restaurant for Harry Styles Sparks Debate Among Netizens

Recently, social media was abuzz with the news that BLACKPINK members Jennie and Rose were spotted attending Harry Styles‘ concert in Korea. However, this time, netizens are talking about a different kind of sighting.

According to a post on a Korean online community, Harry Styles was spotted at a restaurant recommended by BLACKPINK.

The post claimed that Harry arrived at the restaurant in a Kia Carnival and was surprised to find out that BLACKPINK had already paid in advance.

While waiting for his food, Harry reportedly conversed with the waiter and was extremely friendly.

The post also revealed that Harry is a vegan and could only eat the soybean paste stew on the menu because it was the only vegan option.

However, the stew was too spicy for him, so the worker suggested he grill some side dishes and mix them with rice with sesame oil and soy sauce.

After his meal, all the workers reportedly got autographs and took pictures with Harry, who was polite to everyone.

This news has generated mixed reactions from Korean netizens. While some expressed their happiness that BLACKPINK took care of Harry‘s food preferences, others questioned why a meat restaurant was recommended to a vegan.

Some netizens also suggested that Harry should have gone to a temple or a vegetarian restaurant instead.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

“I’m glad BLACKPINK took care of it and that Harry also had something to eat.”

“Going to a temple or a vegetarian restaurant would have been nice. It’s too bad that Korea has so many tasty vegetarian dishes.”

Harry may have asked for suggestions for a restaurant for his whole staff to go to, or they may not have known he is vegan. It’s funny that people are asking why they would have suggested that restaurant if they knew he is vegan. Harry himself seems to have eaten well, and I’m sure they all knew it and talked about it among themselves.”

“Spicy soy bean paste stew?”

“A while ago, I think it was at a Chanel event, there was a video of Harry watching Jennie perform, so they must have become friends.”

“I’ll take you to a restaurant that serves food from temples. It is torture to not be able to eat at a restaurant.”

“Did BLACKPINK tell a vegan to go to a restaurant that served meat? They must not have known he was a vegan.”

“It’s a little sad… If you say you’re a vegetarian in Korea, there are lots of tasty things you can eat.”

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