“I will be more careful next time!”TWICE’s Chaeyoung apology for wearing T-shirt with Nazi symbol sparks controversy

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has issued an apology for wearing a T-shirt with a Nazi symbol on it.

Chaeyoung stated, “I sincerely apologize for the post. I did not realize the tilted swastika on the shirt I was wearing. I am truly sorry for causing concern to many people by not checking more carefully.”

She added, “In the future, I will be absolutely mindful to ensure that I do not cause any worries to many people in such situations.”

Earlier, Chaeyoung sparked controversy for wearing a T-shirt with a Nazi symbol. The word “swastika” in English means “manji” and “crooked cross emblem (used by the former German Nazi Party).”

Overseas fans demanded an apology in the comments of Chaeyoung‘s post, and Chaeyoung deleted the post along with an explanation, saying she was “truly sorry.”

Fans were also surprised that this was not the first time Chaeyoung had worn a T-shirt with a Nazi symbol.

In particular, the agency JYP Entertainment issued a joint apology, which was unusual in response to the strong criticism from overseas fans.

JYP Entertainment stated on the 22nd, “Regarding Chaeyoung‘s Instagram post, we sincerely apologize for causing concern by not recognizing the tilted swastika on the shirt Chaeyoung was wearing. We take responsibility for not examining it more carefully. We will also be extra careful to ensure that such situations do not occur again in the future. We apologize.”

TWICE, including Chaeyoung, released a new mini-album, ‘READY TO BE,’ on the 10th and is currently promoting the title track ‘SET ME FREE.’



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