“Kim Chaewon is to blame” — LE SSERAFIM’s fanbase is revealed to be largely female, with a high number of young adult fans

LE SSERAFIM, the K-Pop group known for their mesmerizing vocals and stunning performances, recently made headlines for their fan meeting’s gender proportion.

On March 19, a netizen shared a breakdown of the gender and age proportion of fans who reserved a spot for LE SSERAFIM‘s fan meeting event. According to the post, 55.9% of the fans were female, while 44.1% were male.

The breakdown of the age proportion of the fans was equally interesting, with 29.6% being in their teens, 51.1% in their 20s, 15% in their 30s, and only 3.6% in their 40s.

The numbers revealed that the majority of the fans were young adults, with a significant number in their teenage years.

Netizens were quick to express their surprise at the gender proportion, with some hoping that the group would attract more female fans in the future.

Many were impressed by the almost equal distribution between male and female fans. They also praised the group for having a diverse fanbase that spans across different age groups.

However, some netizens shared their initial assumptions about the group’s fan base, stating that they thought LE SSERAFIM catered more towards female fans.

Others were surprised that the group had a higher percentage of male fans, which they attributed to the popularity of member Kim Chaewon.

Other reactions included:

“They must have lots of female fans.”

“I hope they attract more female fans.”

“Wow, the number of men and women is almost just right.”

“I didn’t think they’d have as many male fans as they do. I thought they’d have mostly female fans.”

“Isn’t this ratio though just right? It’s close to 50/50, and they also have a lot of fans in their teens and twenties.”

“The ratio is, in all honesty, very good!”

“I thought they’d have more male fans, Lol. Kim Chaewon is to blame.”

“I thought they were a group that only had female fans.”



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