BTS’s Jimin flaunts his “delicate yet powerful, timid yet bold” charisma in the latest issue of “Vogue Korea”

On the cover of ‘Vogue Korea,’ BTS‘s Jimin showed off his cool and risky style.

The BTS member Jimin is on the cover of the April issue of “Vogue Korea,” which came out on March 8 KST.

Here, Jimin was seen wearing a brown leather jacket, a black blazer with a belt, and a brown knit shirt, all of which showed off his charisma.

Jimin‘s sexy, risky charms caught the attention of many fans right away. Jimin shines because he is both romantic and passionate,” wrote “Vogue Korea.”

The April issue of Vogue Korea features Jimin of BTS. Jimin is delicate but strong, shy but brave, and he does nothing but make everyone happy.

The third story about Jimin and Vogue is called “Unveiling the Star in Veils.”

Check out the pictures of Jimin below:



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