NewJeans’ Hyein Continues to Take the Fashion World by Storm as Louis Vuitton’s Ambassador

As soon as Hyein walked in, everyone looked at her.

Since her debut, NewJeans’ Hyein has stunned netizens with her beautiful looks, model-like body, and talent.

She has also easily pulled off different concepts in the group’s many endorsement photoshoots, promotions, and ads.

It’s not surprising that the group’s maknae can do well in a professional setting and get attention from all over the world at only 14 years old, since she started working in the entertainment industry in 2017 when she was only eight years old.

In December 2022, Hyein was officially named the global ambassador for the high-end fashion house Louis Vuitton, making her the designer’s youngest ambassador.

As soon as they started working together, Hyein showed a bold, young, and futuristic style that will definitely influence a new generation of Louis Vuitton buyers.

As an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Hyein‘s first fashion show was the Fall-Winter 2023 Women’s Collection show in Paris.

Tokkis, who are fans of NewJeans, were very excited for her to come. As soon as she did, Hyein became the main attraction, which surprised people in the area.

Hyein put together an elegant and trendy look with the designer brand’s $14,500 Smock Effect Tent Top, what looks like Louis Vuitton’s $1,800 dressy wide-leg pants, $2,640 USD LV Zoom Platform High Boots, the $2,640 USD Tilsitt handbag, and gold jewelry.

Hyein was the center of attention as reporters and fans rushed to see her.

She looked great in unaltered videos and photos taken before and during the event, which wowed netizens with how beautiful she looked in real life.

Photos that fans took of her looked like they were right out of a magazine.

They showed that she was very confident for her age, which showed that she was born to be a star.



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