BTS’s V Overcomes His Spicy Food Sensitivity with the Perfect Sauce Recipe

BTS‘s V developed a new sauce using spicy ramen sauce.

In the second episode of the tvN variety show “Seojin’s Home” that aired on March 3, Seo Jin, who became the owner of a snack bar after leaving “Yoon’s Restaurant,” and her employees Jung Yoo-mi, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, and BTS‘s V continued their snack bar business in Bacalar, Mexico.

That day, V suggested a recipe to the production team, saying, “How about mixing this with mayonnaise?

The night before, when the employees said, “The kimbap (Korean rice roll) isn’t spicy enough. Should we add green chili peppers?” V suggested, “Should we add spicy chicken sauce?” Everyone agreed.

V mixed the spicy chicken sauce with mayonnaise to neutralize the spiciness and tasted it. However, the taste was too spicy for V, who is sensitive to spicy food. So, he added more sugar, and Park Seo-joon, who was in charge of paying, gave his approval.

V even practiced his Spanish to promote the sauce and personally served it. Mexican customers tried it and said, “It’s not as spicy as habanero,” revealing their love for spicy food, and tasted it with a little bit of the sauce. The sauce was even satisfying to the Mexican customers’ taste buds.



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