Henry and Female Lead’s Affectionate Gestures Caught on Camera During Music Video Shoot

Singer Henry has revealed the filming location for his music video.

On the 3rd, Henry uploaded a video on his SNS account with the caption “Sneak Peek 2023.03.08 #reallovestillexists #RLSE #20230308.”

The video captures Henry taking a selfie with his phone in his hand. Behind him, a woman hugs Henry and engages in affectionate gestures such as giving him a kiss on the cheek or petting his hair.

It appears to be the filming location for Henry‘s new music video. The staff on set requested “last one,” and Henry responded with “okay,” smiling while facing the female lead.

Some fans misunderstood the situation and left congratulatory comments, assuming they were a real couple. Among them, another fan said, “This is business,” and joked, “I’m jealous because they’re too pretty.”

Meanwhile, Henry released his new single “MOONLIGHT” on January 11th.



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