STAYC’s Sieun Reveals Worries for Her Brother’s Intense Study and Exercise Routine to Achieve University Goal

Park Nam-jung‘s eldest daughter, STAYC‘s Si-eun, worried about her younger brother, Park Si-woo.

On the March 3 broadcast of Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Room,” Park Nam-jung and his wife, Park Si-woo, made an appearance.

Si-eun, who appeared in the video, revealed that she was worried about her younger brother until he got accepted to university.

She said, “I can’t forget Si-woo’s disappointed expression before he heard the news of his acceptance to university. Since Si-woo tends to be too strict with himself, he always pushes himself to the limit,” and added, “He doesn’t sleep enough and seems to exclude himself from all forms of relaxation, such as sleep and food. He still exercises for three hours every day.”

Park Nam-jung also said, “Even when he stayed up late studying and came home in the early morning, I never scolded him because he worked so hard.

Si-eun said, “I’m worried that Si-woo often gets sick and has a weak immune system because of these habits, and I hope he takes care of his health.”

In the studio, Park Nam-jung revealed, “There were times when he looked too intense. I tended to hold him back. Seeing him struggle so hard towards his goal, I worried about what would happen if he collapsed or if things went wrong.”

To this, Park Si-woo said, “Don’t I have a goal to get into university? My attitude towards life suddenly changed when I had that goal. I often came home late or couldn’t come home at all. Since there was a bed next to me when I studied at home, I kept falling asleep. Once, I woke up on the day of the exam. I couldn’t accept that and studied all night at the library near the academy, and then I drove my car to school,” surprising those around him.



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