Netizens amazed by the natural size of Jennie’s eyes without photo filters

The incredible size of Jennie‘s eyes are attracting netizens’ attention.

On February 20th, an online community forum discussed the remarkable size of Jennie‘s eyes, which some believed to be digitally enhanced.

The BLACKPINK member’s eyes appeared to be significantly wider than her small face, causing some fans to speculate that they had been manipulated.

In a recent fan-uploaded footage, Jennie showcases her natural, animated eyes that look big enough to be digitally altered.

One netizen expressed their amazement, saying, “I’m not just talking about Jennie, but do all celebrities have eyes this big? How can her face and eye size look like this on someone else’s phone’s camera? Is she truly the same race as us?“.

Other reactions included:

“Out of all the celebrities, I find Jennie’s facial features the most captivating…fascinatingly gorgeous.”

Jennie really disrupted my tastes…I’ve always preferred innocent, puppy-like celebrities, but Jennie was entirely unexpected. I’m not even a fan, but I still click on every post about her… Nowadays, there are so many personal attacks against her, but to me, she looks stunning.”

“But you can’t see any of this face in her now.”

“This photo is entirely my style. Jendeuk is incredibly attractive.”

“She appears much more beautiful in person than in photos. Damn, her face was so small and her eyes were enormous.”

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