KARA’s Park Gyuri Questioned as a Witness in Ex-boyfriend’s Cryptocurrency Fraud Case

Park Gyuri, a member of the girl group KARA, has been questioned as a witness in connection with her ex-boyfriend’s alleged cryptocurrency fraud.

On the 20th, Park‘s agency stated, “At the time, she was A’s girlfriend and worked as a curator for an art gallery, and she provided a statement as a witness to the investigating agency.”

The statement continued, “During the process, she clearly stated that she did not participate in any illegal activities related to the coin business and did not receive any unfair benefits. Although she has no connection to the art-related coin business, she will fully cooperate with the investigation.”

On the same day, the JoongAng Ilbo reported that the prosecution, who is currently investigating P Coin, a coin issued in connection with artwork, on suspicion of fraud, called in a well-known girl group member, who worked as a curator and chief publicity officer (CCO) at P Coin, as a witness last month.

In the past, Park Gyuri drew attention for her public relationship with P, who is now a suspect in the case.



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