Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About HyunA’s New Tattoo

“Please tell me this is just a ballpoint pen drawing or a Photoshopped image and not a real tattoo.”

HyunA has had a lot of tattoos before. In fact, the K-Pop soloist has more than 25 tattoos that people know about.

They range from small designs on her fingers to bigger, more complicated ones on her back.

And based on one of her most recent Instagram posts, it looks like HyunA has gotten another tattoo to add to her already impressive collection.

The tattoo, which she showed off on January 30, is on her shoulder blade, right below where it says “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.”

The new ink, which was drawn in what is called a “ignorant style,” says “ddasa,” which means “warm,” and “keem,” which is another way to write her last name, “Kim.”

HyunA asks, “Should I color it in or not?” in the post’s caption, so fans can tell her if they think she should leave the tattoo as is or get the lines filled in.

Most of the comments, though, don’t answer her question. Instead, they’re from netizens and fans who have very different thoughts on her new tattoo.

A lot of people didn’t like how messy the tattoo looked and wondered if that was what HyunA had in mind when she got it.

Many others, though, came to HyunA‘s defense, saying that the “ignorant style” of tattoo is supposed to look messy and doodle-like and that HyunA can do whatever she wants with the art she puts on her body.

Some people thought the new ink looked like the logos for TWICE and McDonald‘s.

What do you think of the newest tattoo HyunA has added to her collection?



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