Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing Over Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Response To “BBL” Allegations

He was so messed up! 😂

Some “rumors” have been going around about Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Recently, there were rumors that Bang Chan got a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). This is a procedure that uses implants to change the shape of the buttocks. It is actually a special kind of fat transfer.

STAYs were shocked by the rumor, but because it was so strange, it spread quickly on social media.

Bang Chan has now talked about the rumors in the most recent episode of Chan‘s Room, which is a big surprise.

Bang Chan read a comment on STAY that talked about the “BBL rumor.” He misread it and thought it said, “Is there a Bubble rumor?

“I heard something? What’s the word? “— Bang Chan

Stray The bubble for the JYPnation app is used by kids to talk to STAYs. When people talk about Bubble on social media, they often just say “bbl.”

Bang Chan was told by STAYs that it had nothing to do with the bubble app. He asked them what they meant.

“Nothing has to do with Bubble. So what’s going on? Tell me so I can understand. “What is BBL?”Bang Chan

Bang Chan decided to do his own research when he wasn’t getting any answers.

He went to Urban Dictionary to look it up, but the many definitions made him even more confused.

“Urban Dictionary, I think. So many… Explanations. What does it say? Bang Chan

By the way, if he looked up “bbl” on Urban Dictionary, he saw this…

Some people tried to make Bang Chan feel better about the rumors while he was reading. So, he soon stopped talking about it.

“Don’t be worried. It’s not right. I guess I won’t have to worry about it.” Bang Chan

STAYs found Bang Chan‘s response to the rumor even funnier than the rumor itself!



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